Valentine’s Inspired Easy Sewing Projects For Kids

Valentine’s Inspired Easy Sewing Projects For Kids

Holidays are a great time to do a cute craft with the kids!

Do you have kids wanting to learn how to sew? Even really young children can start learning sewing skills now.  Sewing is a very useful skill that can be used throughout your life. Whether it is for fixing a tear in some pants or making a pot holder for your home, there are many reasons why learning to sew is a smart idea. Holidays are a great time to sit down with your child and learn some new skills. With these Valentine’s Inspired Sewing Projects For Kids you can choose a project for Valentine’s Day and get those sewing skills started.

Please check out the links below for the original tutorials for these projects

DIY Heart Pockets

These DIY Heart Pockets are wonderful to make for treats for Valentine’s Day…maybe your child wants to make Valentine’s Day gifts for their teacher or classmates!

Cute Heart Sewing Project

This heart sewing project is so easy for all ages to make.  With a little help from you, even your young children will be able to do this project.  I do this project with kindergarten age kids with successful results.