Primitive Farmhouse Wreath using Buffalo Plaid Fabric

Primitive Farmhouse Wreath using Buffalo Plaid Fabric

This is by far one of the easiest ways to make a wreath and it is so cute and tiny!

First, I cut up an old flannel shirt with a wonderful black and white buffalo plaid fabric.  This shirt was a girl’s size 7/8 and I had plenty of fabric to make this wreath with.  The pieces were 6 inches long and about 2 inches wide.  I used a pair of pinking shears, so I wouldn’t have too many frayed edges, but regular scissors will work too.

Then, I tied each strip of fabric twice into a knot around a 5 inch metal ring.  I kept tying on pieces of fabric until the ring was full.

Now, you could add any small trinket or flowers as an accent.  I decided to add one of my handmade ceramic clay hearts as an accent and simply attached it with a black pipe cleaner through the hole I had in the top of the heart.

I think it gives a slightly primitive look with the way I painted the heart, and it definitely gives me that farmhouse, cozy feel!

I hope you enjoy making one and if you would like to purchase one of mine, click on the pictures to below to check out these listings.