Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decor

Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Decor

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Time to get ready for Christmas!

I thought it was a bit early, but since Dollar Tree already has Christmas items out…it must be time to craft for Christmas!  Shop online at

Searching through all of their items, I easily got into the Christmas crafting mood.  All the sparkly items and easy to use stickers…I was hooked.

Here are the items I bought from Dollar Tree for the beginning of my Christmas crafting.

I got the sparkly trees, garland, ribbon and stickers in the Christmas section, the gem stickers and metal pots in the crafting section.

Watch my video and see how I put these items to good use:

My plan was to put the trees into the pot, but they were too small to be seen if put directly into the pot, so I cut a piece of foam core to fit into the top of the pot…so the tree would sit taller.

Now the tree would sit in and be seen.

I wanted to make the metal pot look a little more festive…so I added the sparkly glitter ribbon to the top of the pot.

Then I added the glitter foam stickers and gem stickers to the bottom of the pot.

And I added red garland to the green tree.

The final result, two different Christmas Decorations for a total of $9.00 and I had extra glitter foam and gem stickers left over and a lot of ribbon and garland.

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