Color Wheel & Doodle Drawing Sheets

Color Wheel & Doodle Drawing Sheets

Color Wheels are important for many reasons and I make sure to have my students make one every year.

The drawing sheets I created for this project are a great starter to teach Color Wheel Concepts, Line Design Instruction, Sub Lesson or for Early Finishers.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Warm & Cool Colors and Complementary Colors are all important concepts that the color wheel helps distinguish.  Or use my drawing sheets to let children choose their own colors and discover new line designs.

Are you an Art Teacher who needs a sub lesson?  This would be very easy to print out, make a quick example and leave easy instructions for your substitute.

Do you have students who finish work early…you know those ones who are always done first?  Leave these out for them to grab, hang up a few examples and have them follow along on their own.

If you would like you can show my video for inspiration or have a substitute show it before students begin working.

Begin by printing out my 3 Color Wheel/Doodle Drawing Sheets (Download)

Examples of Use:

Print the 3 color wheels and have students fill in the empty areas using Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

They can draw fun line designs using markers, crayons or colored pencils.

Use as a color mixing sheet with paint. Have students paint in the red, yellow and blue areas and then mix and fill in orange, green and purple.

Or they can use whatever colors they want and doodle away!