10 Must Haves I Wish I Would Have Had For Camping

10 Must Haves I Wish I Would Have Had For Camping

When your camping trip goes all wrong – you realize what you wish you would have had with you!

We recently went on a family camping adventure. It rained the whole time – here are 10 must haves that I wish I would have had for our family camping trip!

Coleman Multi-Panel LED Lantern

This lantern has 4 removable lights that would have worked wonders for my middle of the night trips to the bathroom.  I could have easily grabbed one, instead of searching for where my husband put the flashlight!  I also like that the lights are on all 4 sides and adjustable on the brightness, we could have lowered the lights for when my younger daughter and I played cards and had the other side brighter for when my oldest was reading.

Camping Rope Outdoor Storage Rope 

On our camping trip – everything was wet, I mean wet and damp and smelly!  We would have loved to have something to hang all of our stuff on to get them dry when it wasn’t raining and just to keep some stuff off the ground.

Coleman Classic Propane Stove

A definite must have would have been a propane stove – so hard to cook when you are relying on a campfire to start for cooking – wet wood equals no cooking!

Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

If I would have known they make a coffee maker especially for camping – I would have totally bought one!  I missed coffee all of the miserable rainy mornings that we were camping.

Mattel Games UNO Wilderness Game

I would have wanted this game – just because when it rains camping you definitely could use more varieties of card games – you can only play ‘War’ so many times!

SereneLife Portable Camping Sink w/ Towel Holder & Soap Dispenser

So a bit of a luxury item – but I would have loved to completely wash my hands while camping to get off all of the sand and dirt that stuck to everything when it rained.  Our new tent even had a closet area that this would have fit quite nicely into!

Camping Pillow – Inflatable Travel Pillows

These camping pillows would have helped immensely with the packing process – I had to leave some items behind because we ran out of room when packing the car.  Inflatable pillows wouldn’t have taken up so much room and I don’t think they would have picked up the dampness from the air like our regular pillows did – they are made of waterproof knitted cotton – imagine sleeping on a damp pillow for 3 nights – yuck!  Waterproof or water resistant pillows sure would have been useful.

O2COOL Portable Fan with AC Adapter | Dual Power Source, Battery or AC Adapter

Did I mention that it was damp on our camping trip?  Pillows were damp, blankets were damp, tent was damp, clothes were damp…you get the point.  I could have used a few of these portable fans on our camping trip – dry everything out!

Camp Daze Mad Libs

Like I said before, would have been nice to have more variety of games to play while camping – you never know if you will be stuck in a tent for days while it rains!

Delta Creative 960070006 Camping Everyday Design Stencil Pack

So, not a camping must have, unless you are a crafter like me!  I would have loved to bring some paint with and stenciled a journal of my camping trip – maybe it would have helped me forget about the rain a little!