DIY Cat Painting With Glitter

DIY Cat Painting With Glitter

The second installment of my “Use Up My ‘Crap’ Craft Challenge”!

I have a lot of stuff in my basement – art and craft supplies that need to be used up!  I developed a challenge for myself to use some of it up, instead of letting it sit there gathering dust.

I put 30 popular theme words into a jar and randomly chose the second one – “Cats”.

Check out my video to see how I chose my word and how I made rules for my challenge:

Items I used in project:

Old painting from college – mine is on Masonite but you can use a regular canvas. Canvas 18″ x 24″

Acrylic Craft Paint


Chalk Pastel Pencil

I began this project by covering my old painting with 2 layers of white acrylic paint.  I could have used some gesso that I had for this, but I had 3 bottles of white acrylic that were almost empty and one was developing chunks, so I decided to use them up first.

After the two layers of white, I added more white, some blue and some yellow acrylic paint.  I applied them directly to the board and mixed them on there.

When the paint dried, I drew my two cats with a white chalk pastel pencil.

Then, I painted black acrylic paint onto the cat and covered with black glitter before the paint dried.

I painted the eyes black and covered with blue glitter.

Then, I tried outlining the whiskers and tails with a black permanent marker.  This did not work!  The marker picked up the white chalk pastel and covered the tip – making the marker not work.  I decided I would have to paint with black acrylic instead – takes a steady hand!

I think this project turned out great and I was so happy when I was covering up my old painting…I’ve had it forever and never wanted to hang the ugly thing.

My daughters love this Cat Painting and I can’t wait to find a permanent spot on the wall for it!