Summertime Caterpillar Collage

Summertime Caterpillar Collage

A Great Summertime Collage Project!

This is a fun end of the school year project that I do with my Kindergarten classes.

It is a good end of the year review to see if they have improved on tracing and cutting skills.  We also use line designs that we practiced throughout the school year.

First, we begin by tracing 6 circles.

Then we design 5 of the circles using line designs that we used throughout the year and cut them out.

We use permanent black markers for this step, but any markers or colors will work!

The sixth circle is designed with a silly face.

We assemble all of them onto a 9″x 12″ piece of colored construction paper and glue down with glue sticks.  Overlapping is key in this step, to make sure that the caterpillar will fit on the page.

When done gluing, the students decorate the background using construction paper crayons.

This whole project takes only 2 – 30 minute class periods – nice and quick end of the year project!