DIY Donut Decor

DIY Donut Decor

My first installment of my “Use Up My ‘Crap’ Craft Challenge”!

I have a lot of stuff in my basement – art and craft supplies that need to be used up!  I developed a challenge for myself to use some of it up, instead of letting it sit there gathering dust.

I put 30 popular theme words into a jar and randomly chose the first one – “Donuts”.

Check out my video to see how I chose my word and how I made rules for my challenge:

What I used for this project:

An old bed sheet

3 embroidery hoops (7″ diameter)

Acrylic craft paint

Bugle Beads

Tacky Glue

With some tracing and cutting I created 3 circles out of the fabric from the old bed sheet and painted one coat of a brown color for the donut and added a thin layer of white for the hole in the donut.

I combined two different bottles of brown paint and was able to use one up and throw it away…at least I made a little room in my house!

After the brown paint dried, I painted on frosting with pink, blue and yellow acrylic paint.  This took 2 coats.

I painted the embroidery hoops with the same three colors and these also took coats.  I think if I were to do this project again, I would paint the hoops the same brown color as the donut.

And then I added bugle beads for sprinkles with tacky glue.  I had quite a selection of bugle beads to use, so I chose a different color for each donut.

It didn’t take very long for this project to dry, so I was able to hang them up right away in my kitchen.  What do you think?