Miniature Campfire Craft

Miniature Campfire Craft

This is such a fun craft – the campfire really lights up!

My daughters and I are working on Girl Scout activities and we thought this little mini campfire would get us in the camping mood!

Very simple to make with a plastic cup, tissue paper, glue, battery operated light, cotton ball, sticks and paper.

Watch me make one in this short video:

Cut 4 strips of brown construction paper about 4″ long, trim 2 of them a little shorter and glue together

Cut the tissue paper into small squares and bunch them up and glue them to the outside of the cup using tacky glue.

Layer the construction paper sticks with the battery operated light and then the cup on top.

To make the sticks and marshmallows – tear off a small piece of cotton ball – shape into a ball and glue to end of small sticks.

Take into the dark and light them up!  These are cute, even if you don’t put the light inside.  Have fun crafting these!