Earth Emoji – Watercolor Painting for Earth Day

Earth Emoji – Watercolor Painting for Earth Day

A great, quick project for Earth Day, or any day that you want to make an awesome watercolor painting!

I recently finished this Earth Day painting with my 1st – 4th grade Art classes.  Every grade had the ability to do it and everyone loved this project.

I told them we were going to make a happy Earth, because the Earth was so excited that we were going to take such good care of it!

We were able to complete this project in one – 45 minute class period.

First we traced a template to get a good sized circle.  The paper we used was 12” x 12” watercolor paper and the circle was about the size of a cool whip cover.

Then we drew emoji eyes for the world – I taught them how to do the eyes pictured here, but gave them the option of doing their own type of eyes if they wanted.

For the mouth, I showed them how to make the one I used, but told them they could make any other happy mouth as long as they were able to paint inside of it.

We drew three or four blobs to represent the land on our Earth.  It wasn’t important to make them actually look like the land formations we have on Earth, any blobs that were drawn – once painted green all looked like land on the Earth.

We separated our background into eight sections by drawing a plus sign that disappeared behind the Earth and an ‘X’ that also disappeared behind the Earth.

We made this painting into a watercolor resist by outlining all of our lines with a black crayon.  We pressed really hard and used a coloring motion to get the lines thick and dark.  We talked about this being a barrier between the sections – the waxy black crayon would stop the water from going through to the other side.

We painted the land green and the water blue, of course, but all of the other colors were everyone’s own choice.  We used watercolor paint.