Mosaic Pineapple DIY Decor

Mosaic Pineapple DIY Decor

Another Mosaic Project – just for me!

I just love mosaics and especially like making my own with decorative paper.

Check out the video of me assembling this project – here.

I designed this pineapple mosaic for my dining room wall.  Pineapples are currently a popular item for decorating and I am excited to have my own creation hanging on my wall.  See my post on some items I gathered for Pineapple decorating inspiration 20 Must Have Pineapple Décor.

I love to use decorative paper on my mosaics – there are so many patterns and simulated textures to choose from and when you cut the papers small, the designs become even more interesting.  Check out my Mosaic Heart I made.

For this project I chose 5 decorative papers for the pineapple bottom and 2 for the green top. I love to use ROYLCO INC. R15203 Decorative Hues Paper (Pack of 192) for all of my mosaic paper art.

To start creating this project, you need to cut the decorative papers into 1” squares.  The pineapple bottom requires 49 triangles so that would be 25 squares and the green top requires 10 triangles – so only 5 squares.

Cut the squares in half along the diagonal to create two triangles out of each square.

Before gluing – make sure to lay out your design onto your background paper.  I used a 9”x 12” grey paper for my background.

After everything is set in place you can do a little measuring to make sure you have your design centered.  I draw a small line half way across the bottom of my paper and then I started ½” up on the bottom of the paper.  I glue the bottom middle piece first and then everything gets glued on one at a time working my way up the pineapple.

Now would be a good time for you to view my video – showing how I assembled this project.


Make sure to frame your beautiful masterpiece!

Make sure to take a look at my Mosaic Heart project.