Easy DIY Color Wheel

Easy DIY Color Wheel

Color Wheels are important for many reasons and I make sure to have my students make one every year.

This color wheel is one I use for 2nd grade, but it can definitely be used for any grade level.

Primary Colors, Secondary Colors, Warm & Cool Colors and Complementary Colors are all important concepts that the color wheel helps distinguish.


Here is another video – the extended version for use in your classroom.

“I’m on a mission to revamp my classroom…similar to a flipped classroom. Instead of me repeating myself a million times – why not turn some of my lessons into videos that I can use again and again every year.
This Color Wheel Video is a step by step that includes instructions, work time, and activities at the end for early finishers.
Please use my video in your classroom today! Let me be the teacher for 20 minutes, so you can grade projects or put nametags on artwork!
Another great idea – Let me be your sub for the day. Set out the simple supplies – show your sub how to find my video and let him/her play it for every class – so easy!
This is a great beginning lesson or a review lesson.”

Begin by dividing a piece of paper into 6 sections – I used 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper.

First make an ‘X’ on the paper and then make sure that the line that goes down the center goes through the middle point that the ‘X’ made.  Otherwise you end up with a blank section in the middle.

I like to use wavy, curvy, zig zag, etc. lines to add more interest to the Color Wheel Project.

Coloring and designs start in any section, just make sure all the colors are in the correct order.

Here is a finished one I made and laminated.

We take this Color Wheel out in class whenever we do a project that is color related to refer to.