Tints and Shades Easter Egg Painting

Tints and Shades Easter Egg Painting

This project has lots of concepts to it!  Tracing, Overlapping, Tints, Shades, Warm Colors and Cool Colors!

I like using a template for this project, because the idea is not “how to draw an egg” – the idea is all about mixing and painting with tints and shades.

I was able to fit about 5 eggs onto my 9” x 12” piece of watercolor paper – making sure to incorporate overlapping.  Also some go off the edge of the page for more interest.

I started with 5 cups of white tempera paint and then mixed colors into the white paint, so I ended up with 5 different tints.

This project is really good for slow and fast painting – edges of eggs need to be painted slow and the inside can be painted faster.  It is important to take time on the edges of the eggs for them to look crisp.

For the shades, I took just a little of the original color and added a little black to the color.  Painted some of the lines in the egg and then mixed in a little more black and painted more lines.  So each egg had two shades painted on top for details.

This is great in the classroom – you can also teach the students about warm and cool colors.

Warm Colors

Cool Colors

Want to get this done in one class period?  Have each student do one egg in the middle of the paper – the paint dries fast enough to put the shades on top – as long as they don’t put the tint paint on too thick.

Looks elegant and simple on a 6” x 9” watercolor paper.