How to Make a Vase of Beautiful Stamped Flowers

How to Make a Vase of Beautiful Stamped Flowers

This is a project I do with 1st Graders…but I will tell you…I love making one too!


Start by making a symmetrical (same on both sides) vase, by folding a 9” x 12” paper in half the long way.  I like to call this the “Hot Dog” fold, because it is long like a hot dog bun!  Draw half of a vase on the fold side and cut out.  Draw top, side and bottom.


Draw simple lines around the outside edge of the vase with oil pastels.  This will be a project that also suggests the use of simple vs. busy.  We will have a simple vase on the bottom to contrast the busy part of the flowers on the top.

Glue down – making sure the vase is touching or very close to the bottom of the paper.  Need to make sure there is room at the top for lots of flowers!

The most exciting part of this project is the stamping with tempera paint and sponges.  First we stamp leaves, I stamp twelve leaves – seems to be a good number to make sure there is still room for a lot of flowers.

Then we take four colors of paint and stamp four flowers with each color for a total of 16 flowers.

I started this painting with magenta and made four different flowers.

I then made flowers using peach, light pink and red.

When they are dry we take a black oil pastel and outline all of our flowers and leaves to give them noticeable petals, veins and centers.  They really “Pop” after we add this step.