Artist Trading Cards – Joan Miro Inspired Shamrocks

Artist Trading Cards – Joan Miro Inspired Shamrocks

Shamrocks are fun to draw and really fun when you transform them!

I’m really excited about creating Shamrock inspired artwork this season.  My latest creation starts with Artist Trading Cards, something I recently discovered.  I’ve created a few mini artworks on these tiny little cards, so far – Artist Trading Cards – Using Dots to Outline and Doodling With Circles.

These cute little drawings on ATC cards (2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) are inspired by Joan Miro – a famous Spanish painter.  I started by drawing two clovers using hearts to create the leaves.  Then I transformed them by adding Joan Miro inspired elements.  I love the way he uses lines to divide shapes and colors each new piece a different color.



I used Strathmore Watercolor Artist Trading Cards for this project and they are very textured – giving a very textured look to my coloring.  I love my Prismacolor colored pencils – I have a big set and have a lot of color choices!  However Joan Miro uses a very limited palette, so I followed his style for coloring my shamrocks.

Take the time to do a little drawing today – especially on Artist Trading Cards – they are a quick rewarding way to make wonderful mini artworks.