Monster Suspect – DIY Drawing Game

Monster Suspect – DIY Drawing Game

“Monster Suspects” – a fun drawing game I developed for my girls to complete the Girl Scout Junior Detective Badge!

My daughters are each working on earning one of their Girl Scout Badges and we love to do artsy things.  My youngest is working on the Junior Detective Badge and my oldest is working on the Cadette Special Agent Badge.

We recently finished Step One of the Junior Detective Badge by making DIY I-Spy Bottles, Step Two by making DIY Morse Code Magnets, Step Three by making DIY Fingerprint Records and Step Four by making Famous Sherlock Holmes Quotes – DIY Art.

Step Five of the Junior Badge is titled “Follow the Clues to Solve a Real Mystery”. The first suggested activity for the badge asks girls to make up clues to find something fun, like a secret message. My daughters prefer any badge activities that we can turn into something crafty or artsy, so I thought it would be fun to make up clues about a suspect and do a drawing of that suspect.  This turned into a game that can be played many, many times!

Well, our suspect just happens to be a monster!  We made up descriptions about the mysterious suspect and made drawings based on those descriptions.  What fun it was to see how everyone’s “monster suspect” looked!

First we made the descriptions.  This would be great to do in a troop setting or with your family at home, because everyone gets to participate in making the descriptions and then it becomes a mystery as to what the “monster suspect” will end up looking like.

We developed 6 types of descriptions for the monster.  1.  Body shape and color  2.  Eye shape and color and nose shape and color   3.  mouth color and how many teeth  4.  how many arms and how many legs  5.  Wings and or antennae and color  6.  carrying a…

I cut up brightly colored paper from my Roylco Decorative Paper Pack into pieces 5 1/2″ x 1″.  Onto each color we each wrote a description.  For example, onto every purple paper we each wrote a body shape and color.  I wrote Blue Triangle, one daughter wrote Blue Circle and the other wrote Red Square.

After we wrote all of the descriptions we randomly chose one paper from each color, ending up with 6 descriptions to complete the drawing of our “monster suspect”.  And away we drew!



Here are the 3 monsters in the final “line up” of “monster suspects”.

This can be played over and over again with the same papers, every time a new “monster suspect” will be created.  I think this would be great for a troop, because you can play as many times as you need to in order to come to a close at your meeting and if you play more than once, there is a better chance of a description being used from every girl!