DIY Fingerprint Records

DIY Fingerprint Records

My daughters and I recently spent a lovely evening working on these DIY Fingerprint Records – I even joined in and made one!

We decided to make our own DIY Fingerprint Records, because my daughters are each working on earning one of their Girl Scout Badges.  My youngest is working on the Junior Detective Badge and my oldest is working on the Cadette Special Agent Badge.

We recently finished Step One of the Junior Detective Badge by making DIY I-Spy Bottles and Step Two by making DIY Morse Code Magnets.

Update – Step Four – Famous Sherlock Holmes – DIY Art.  Step Five – Monster Suspect – DIY Drawing Game

Step Three of the Junior Badge is titled “Fingerprint for Fun”.  The second suggested activity for the badge asks girls to make their own identity card.  My daughters prefer any badge activities that we can turn into something crafty or artsy, so I thought it would be fun to make each of our fingerprints into a work of collage art.  I can’t wait to put all three of these on my wall to remember the uniqueness of my daughters.

Cadette Special Agent Badge – I took Step One of the badge “Investigate Investigation” and took the second suggested activity and tweaked it a little.  It says for the girls to fingerprint themselves and their guests and identify the types of prints each person has.  I had my oldest daughter work on doing her own fingerprints and then taking mine and her sisters to meet this requirement and then she helped us with identifying our types of prints.

Before gathering all of our fingerprints, we began by painting our canvases.  One solid color is great or you can use a few colors and mix them on the canvas.  We used acrylic paint – I don’t recommend using tempera or watercolor – once you start adding glue your paint will start becoming wet again.

We used 5×7 and 8×10 canvases.

While our paint was drying, we gathered our fingerprints onto white copy paper – if one got messed up, we just kept trying until we got a good print.  We labeled them as we went – example: LT (left thumb, RP (right pinky), etc.  I highly recommend using a permanent ink pad for this step.  They won’t smear when dry – very important for the gluing step.

We then gathered letters for our titles – “My Fingerprints”.  We ripped letters out of titles in magazine articles – kind of like a crime scene note from the suspect of the crime!

When the paint was dry, we laid all of our pieces out onto our canvas – making sure everything fit.  We brushed school glue onto the back of each piece, so they would lay flat, and got everything glued down.

We labeled our left hand and right hand and added a few embellishments.  I used permanent marker and my daughters used a paint pen.

I can’t wait to display these in my house, just have to find the right spot!

So much fun, I know you will have a great time doing this with your kids or your troop!