Mosaic People

Mosaic People

What fun these weird people are to make!

This is an easy activity to teach children the basic concept of mosaics – pieces have to be close together and not touching.  I do this project every year with kindergarten, but it is definitely doable for older ages and I always have a great time making them too!

We start with cutting out circles – I trace them ahead of time, but if you have the time – go ahead and have the kids trace their own circles and cut them out.  All depends on how much time you have!  The circles I use are the size of a cottage cheese lid.  Various colors of construction paper are provided for the kids to choose from.

Glue the circle to a 12” x 18” colored paper – making sure to leave room for hair at the top and be sure to not put too low – have to leave enough room to make a body.

Next, we add 2 pieces for the eyes, one for the nose and one for the mouth.

For the body we add 8 pieces, for the arms we use 3 pieces and for the legs we use 4 pieces.

And then we made funky hair.

When done, we paint a line around the body with a black line for a little more excitement and to better show the shape of the body – and then the mosaic people are done!