Artist Trading Cards – Using Dots to Outline

Artist Trading Cards – Using Dots to Outline

I’m new to Artist Trading Cards and I am hooked!

Artist Trading Cards are small little cards that are meant to be works of art that are traded or given away, but never sold.  They only measure a small 2 ½” x 3 ½”.  They are great for making small works of art or for experimenting a new technique.  You don’t have to make it large for it to be beautiful!

Outlining drawings is usually done with a solid line – but I wanted to try a different way to outline – using dots!  No better way to try this out – than doing it on an Artist Trading Card.

The techniques for this super simple – draw – dot outline – paint.

I drew with a pencil first.

Dot outline with Permanent Markers – I love Sharpies and if you can buy one of the big sets with all of the many different colors – you will have way more fun with this project!

Very carefully outline your drawing in any color of permanent marker – making sure that you put the dots close together but not touching!

Paint with Watercolor Paint.  I like to mix my colors of watercolor paint right on the paper that way I get a variety of colors in one area.

I’ve started my Artist Trading Card Collection – I made four of these cute little cards in less than an hour.