DIY Morse Code Magnets

DIY Morse Code Magnets

My daughters just love making messages for my husband and I to decipher with these DIY Morse Code Magnets!

We decided to make our own Morse Code activity, because my daughters are working on earning one of their Girl Scout Badges.  My youngest is working on the Junior Detective Badge and my oldest is working on the Cadette Special Agent Badge.

We recently finished Step One of the Junior Detective Badge by making – DIY I-Spy Bottles

Update: Junior Detective Badge – Step Three – DIY Fingerprint Records – Step Four – Famous Sherlock Holmes Quotes – DIY Art – Step Five – Monster Suspect – DIY Drawing Game

Step Two of the Junior Badge is titled “Communicate in Code”.  The first suggested activity for this badge asks girls to write a message in Morse Code.  My daughters prefer any badge activities that we can turn into something crafty or artsy, so I thought it would be fun to make our own magnets. What a great idea to have the fun of message making continue on our refrigerator for all of us to enjoy!

Cadette Special Agent Badge – This project doesn’t quite fit any of the suggested activities for the badge – but since my oldest never experienced Morse Code, I figured it was important for her to participate too.

In order to make every single letter of Morse Code – we had to create magnets – 44 dots and 38 dashes.  I bought a big bag of clear glass gems and the work began.

I looked in my stash of stickers and found hearts to use for dots and stripes to use for dashes.

We traced the glass gems onto white paper to make backings for the stickers.

We stuck the stickers to the white paper cut outs and decoupage them to the back of the glass gems.

We stuck self-adhesive magnets to the back of each glass gem and as soon as these went on the refrigerator, my girls got busy writing messages to me, to their dad and to each other!  What a fun way to learn Morse Code!

Here is a message I made for my two sweet girls to decipher!

If you are going to do this project in a troop setting – I suggest that each girl choose their name or a favorite word or two and they make the magnets that correspond – I definitely think a group of girls would be overwhelmed by making their own complete alphabet set.

I also thought if you have a big enough troop – you could have them all work on making one whole set of the alphabet and then bring it out at every meeting and have each girl write a message or a word.  This way they will keep practicing throughout their Junior years.