Winter Snowman Collage

Winter Snowman Collage

Snowmen are always a fun project to make in the winter!

A simple project I do with Kindergarteners every year.  This cute snowman collage, teaches them tracing, cutting, collaging and drawing skills and introduces them to oil pastels.  Great for a school project or fun to do at home with your children.

We begin by tracing 3 circles – I use templates for this…but a simple plastic cover will work wonderfully.

Cutting them out, while focusing on staying on the pencil line, will really give a good idea if your students or children have good cutting skills.

For the hat and scarf, I pre-cut all of the pieces for this, but if you have time – you could definitely have each child cut out their own pieces.  I choose to do it for them, because I want to focus more on the collaging aspect and if they can follow directions, rather than the drawing and cutting of these pieces.  The hats are a 3”x3” square, a 4”x ¾” strip and a 3” x ½” strip.  The scarf is a 3 ½” x 1” strip.

Next, using markers we design faces, arms and buttons.  We learn how to make a carrot nose that goes to the side.  Arms are a simple letter ‘Y’ shape.

White oil pastels are perfect for the snow and snowflakes – they show up so well on blue paper.  I’ve tried white crayons and white colored pencils in the past and they never show up as bright as white oil pastel.

If you are doing this project in the classroom – I get the whole project completed in 3 – 30 min. classes.  Day one – cutting and gluing circles.  Day two – gluing on hats and scarves.  Day three – marker and oil pastel.

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