Complementary Colors Lesson – Hearts for Valentine’s Day

Complementary Colors Lesson – Hearts for Valentine’s Day

This a great way to teach Complementary Colors to kids – they learn the color pairs and have a wonderful time making heart outlines in a new way!

I do this project with 3rd graders, they seem to have enough skill to hold their hearts still and are still young enough to enjoy seeing their “magic” heart appear!

Each child needs one 3” square of copy paper and 6 – 3” squares of watercolor or heavy drawing paper and a 6” x 9” piece of heavy drawing paper.

Using the copy paper – have the students fold in half – draw half of a heart on the fold side and cut it out to reveal a symmetrical heart.

Place the heart onto one of the squares of watercolor paper and using a marker – draw lines from the heart onto the watercolor paper. (I recommend starting with yellow first – otherwise the heart will be dirty later and make the yellow impure)

After marking color around all of the heart – remove the heart to reveal an empty heart shape on the watercolor paper.

Fill in or outline the heart with the corresponding complementary color. (Red – Green, Blue – Orange, Yellow – Purple). You will make two for each pair – example one heart with red on the outside and green on the inside and one heart with green on the outside and red on the inside.

Assemble all of your heart pairs onto the 6” x 9” paper and glue down.

I have found this to be an effective way to teach the complementary color pairs. If they mess up on one of their hearts, it is very quick and easy to make one that is correct – keeping frustration down! Children also find this process very engaging because they are making a bunch of quick small projects, so they stay interested.