Postage Stamp Valentines

Postage Stamp Valentines

These Postage Stamp Valentines were so quick and fun to make!

Once I got out all of my supplies this project went so quick…I think I spent more time looking for the supplies than it did to complete these cute little creations!

Start with white or off-white paper – any kind will do.  I have some beautiful fibrous paper in my collection that I have just been dying to use and this craft was perfect for it.  I cut mine to 2 1/2″  x 3 1/2″.

On the white paper, use a regular hole punch around the outside edge – making sure to only punch half of the hole.  This will give the postage stamp look to the paper.

Cut a colored paper to size of 2″ x 3″ and glue onto the center of the white paper.

Use heart shaped punches to create a variety of layouts for your creations.  I used Roylco Decorative Papers for a great variety of patterns and colors.

You can also add stamping to this project, as I did for the word “LOVE” and for the numbers.  I used 49 and 34 – current stamp prices for letters and postcards.

Enjoy this cute little craft – it is perfect for a quick crafting fix!