DIY I-Spy Bottle – Valentine’s Day

DIY I-Spy Bottle – Valentine’s Day

These DIY I-Spy bottles are fun for all ages and my daughters had a blast making them!

We decided to make our own I-Spy bottles, because my daughters wanted to work on earning one of their Girl Scout Badges.  My youngest is working on the Junior Detective Badge and my oldest is working on the Cadette Special Agent Badge.  I looked it up and this project also works for the Brownie Senses Badge.

Step one of the Junior Badge is titled “Practice the Power of Observation”.  These I-Spy bottles are perfect for that.  For one thing, my daughters really like to relate any badges that they can to something crafty or artsy!  I thought these would be more fun for them to make than the suggestions in the Girl Scout binder.  One of the choices was shake up a room, where someone takes 5 items out of the room and then the girl scouts guess what is missing.   Doesn’t it sound more fun to shake up a bottle of sand and see what cute little items appear?

Brownie Senses Badge – step one – titled “Look Around”.  This fits in perfect – suggestions for this badge in the brownie binder says – go on a scavenger hunt – this I-Spy bottle project would be a wonderful mini scavenger hunt!

Cadette Special Agent Badge – This project doesn’t quite fit any of the suggested activities for the badge – but wow would it be a great supplement!  I thought my oldest would think this project was too babyish for her age, but wow did she love looking and discovering all of the cute little items she put inside her jar.  I really don’t think you can be too old for this project – I loved shaking them around and looking for the items too!

Update: Junior Detective Badge – Step Two – DIY Morse Code Magnets – Step Three – DIY Fingerprint Records – Step Four – Famous Sherlock Holmes Quotes – DIY Art – Step Five – Monster Suspect – DIY Drawing Game

Start with two empty jars and play sand or rice.  Sand is definitely the cheapest choice and we had sand leftover from when we made DIY Mini Zen Gardens for the Junior Gardener Badge.  These jars are about  5 1/2″ tall and 12 oz.

The girls collected the items they wanted to put in the jar from my collection of buttons and scrapbook embellishments.  They each chose about 15 items.  We took a picture of what the contents would be so we would remember what they put inside.


Put the items into the top of the jar – add a little more sand if you think it is not full enough, but leave a little space for items to be able to move around.

Close the jar and shake around.  We added some Valentine Heart washi tape to liven up the bottle.

Now swirl your bottles around and try to find all of the items you hid inside!  If you are in a troop setting – pass the bottles around and take a look at what everyone put inside of their DIY I-Spy Bottle for the Junior Girl Scout Detective Badge!  Only 4 more steps to go!

My youngest took this one step further and started making 4 more for her classmates to use in class next week!