Heart Shaped Rainbow Sugar Scrub Soap – Valentine’s Day

Heart Shaped Rainbow Sugar Scrub Soap – Valentine’s Day

So this soap looks weird…like who puts rainbow sprinkles in soap!

We do and we love it!

This is a creation my daughter made up – she loves to experiment.  I laughed when she made a seashell shaped soap and put sprinkles in it…until we used the soap…really has a great scrub to it!  My husband was like, “what is in the soap it really feels good and scrubs my hands.”

We had a lot of sprinkles leftover from making Rainbow Heart Bath Bombs – so this is a spinoff of those and helps you with another project to use up your sprinkles!  Also, this is a spinoff of my Heart Shaped Sugar Scrub Soap that I made a few days ago!


1/2 cup meltable soap – we used shea butter (2lb Shea Butter Stephenson Melt and Pour Soap Base)

1/4 cup Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 32 Ounce

1/2 cup Rainbow Sprinkles Wilton 710-4065 Rainbow Nonpareils Food Decorative, 7.5-Ounce

soap colorant (how to look PRETTY Bath Bomb Soap Dye – Food Grade Skin Safe Baby Friendly Craft Supplies. 2 Bonus e-Guides Plus 2 Bottles of Surprise for Random Orders)

15 – 20 drops NOW Peppermint Oil, 1-Ounce

Melt soap in microwave – 30 seconds and then 10 seconds until melted. Add coconut oil until it melts.

Add desired color and peppermint essential oil.

Mix well and reheat if needed.  Add Rainbow Sprinkles.

Mix and pour into heart shaped silicone molds.

Let set for about 40 minutes – pop out of mold.


These soaps are so beautiful and have a great scrubbing feel to them – I can’t wait to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day.