Christmas Decoupage Tree for Kids

Christmas Decoupage Tree for Kids

Wow! Kids love to use decoupage glue – love how it leaves everything shiny!

This is a fun holiday tree project that I recently worked on with my 2nd grade students. Filling a triangle with circles is an interesting task for them to figure out how to accomplish.

Super simple and super fun.

Start by tracing a triangle shape onto the paper (I used 12 x18 tagboard).

christmas tree template

Apply decoupage glue to a small area and put a tissue paper circle on top – cover this circle with more decoupage glue – continue this step with 2 more tissue paper circles.

Continue applying decoupage glue and putting small paper circles on top and covering them with more decoupage glue – since the decoupage glue does not soak through the paper circles – this step has to have more care taken to get the circles to lay flat.
Roylco Paper Circle Popz, 2″, Assorted, 1500 Circles

When dry – use markers to decorate the background of the tree picture. Water based markers do not stick well to the decoupage glue – so if you want to draw on the tree use permanent markers.