Easy Christmas Tree Painting for Kids

Easy Christmas Tree Painting for Kids

This is a fun and easy Christmas Tree painting for kids, they will love it!

Super easy, super fun, inexpensive supplies!

I do this project every Christmas with my Kindergarten classes and it is always a big hit!

First I trace all of the triangles onto 12 x 18 tagboard for them.  While this is a lot of work – it is easier for me to do for them since we only have 30 minute class periods.  I just traced 50 of them in about 30-45 minutes while another class of mine was working on Thanksgiving projects.

christmas tree template

So, it takes about 10 minutes to get aprons on and then we are ready to paint!  Each student gets a tray of green tempera paint and an empty paper towel roll.

christmas tree crafts for kids

Dip one end of the paper towel roll into the green paint and begin stamping – focusing on staying mostly within the triangle shape.

painting with toilet paper rolls

Then we flip the paper towel roll over and use the other end for the brown for the tree trunk.

homeschool painting projects

When our paintings are dry, we add on ornaments and stars (since I don’t have a star punch we use snowflakes).  I punch them the year before and store and label them so I am ready for the next year.

die cut christmas ornaments     storing paper shapes

christmas tree elementary art lesson