Tall Hat Snowman Painting

Tall Hat Snowman Painting

Snowmen are so fun to paint in winter especially if they have a cool tall hat!

This project is great for 3rd Graders – there is a little bit of math, some tracing, some creative drawing, coloring and painting! A wide variety to keep them interested throughout the whole process.

We started with a square piece of tagboard 12 x 12 – and measured and made a mark at 6 inches on every side of the paper – connected them to equally divide our paper into 4 spaces. We then traced a small cup slightly above center in the middle of the paper.

Then draw the snowman’s body- trying to get both side of the body to be the same shape (same kind of curve).

Here comes the creativity – “What kind of tall hat is your snowman going to have?” Usually, we get a lot of top hats or stocking caps – but each one looks different by the designs they put on them and the different color choices. The point is that the hat should be really tall and almost touch the top of the page.
drawing snowmen for kids

We draw a scarf – so our snowman doesn’t catch cold! And give him or her 3 buttons for fun.

For the face we learn that drawing a triangle that goes to the side makes the carrot nose look like it is coming out at you – rather than drawing an upside down triangle that may look like a beak!

When done drawing – we outline everything we drew with a black permanent marker.
3rd grade snowman painting project

We use thin water-based markers for coloring our awesome tall hats, scarf, buttons and face details. I like to buy a big mixed set with lots of colors and keep them for special projects like this one – so we have lots of color choices!

Here comes the super fun part – painting! Doesn’t matter what project we are doing – if it involves paint – it is automatically awesome.

Four colors are painted onto the background of the snowman – one in each of the four sections we created at the very beginning. This assortment of colors leads into learning how to paint close to a drawing and how to paint big areas, as well. Using a small brush by the snowman and changing to a bigger brush for the bigger areas – shows them how to use the correct tool for the job!

snowman painting for kids

Some colors of tempera paint end up needing two coats – especially dark colors straight out of the bottle.

This project takes about 3-4 45-minute class periods.

Day One – draw and outline with permanent marker. Day Two – color with water-based markers. Day Three – painting. Day Four is for slower workers or those who were absent.

snowman art painting project for kids

One year, I tried making these on some postage stamp paper I had – they look really nice, but needed to be pressed afterwards to get them to lay flat. It was worth it, though.