Decorate with Cute Paper Snowmen

Decorate with Cute Paper Snowmen

So easy, so cute…Decorate with Paper Snowmen!
These snowman heads look great covering a whole door for winter season decorating.

A few years ago, I was in need of a quick project to do for a 3rd grade class that was a day ahead of the other 3rd grade classes. I quickly came up with an easy way to make snowman heads and away they went and decorated my whole classroom door for me (wish I had a pic!) I then took this idea home and my daughters and I made a bunch for our holiday decorating, as well.

These can be made in any size, we had big ones and baby ones.

decorating with snowmen

First trace any size circle (caps and bowls work good) and cut it out of white paper. I used drawing paper or construction paper, but any thickness is fine – even copy paper works good.

Taking the same circle that you traced before – trace a half circle or a little smaller onto the edge of a piece of Roylco Decorative Paper . Cut out. This should fit onto the white circle like a hat. Glue in place with glue stick.

cute snowman decorations

Trace and cut a smaller circle (we used marker caps, glue stick caps and milk caps) onto a plain color of construction paper and cut out a strip of that same color. These will be for the hat band and ball on top.

The ball gets glued on top of hat with glue stick and the band gets glued in placed and then trimmed to the shape of the head on the edge.

snowman craft for kids

Stick on google eyes with Glue dots and draw on a carrot nose and a mouth.

winter crafts for kids

This is a great quick project with very little mess and once they make one – they will keep making more and more in all different sizes. So much fun!