Easy Circle Optical Illusion Drawing

Easy Circle Optical Illusion Drawing

Tracing circles is an easy way to make a great piece of abstract art.

My students really enjoy this project. Even an unskilled artist can master this project with ease and feel successful. Tracing and coloring is all it takes.

Tracing any small circle size works for this project, even having one size of circle will work great. I try to supply my students with 2 or three sizes for variety, but one size will work fine.

3rd grade elementary art drawing project

We start in the corner and trace our first circle, then we keep tracing more circles making sure that every time we add a circle, it overlaps at least one other circle. I just give them a hint to not overlap too much or the picture gets way to busy and hard to color.

how to make a circle optical illusion drawing

When the page is filled with circles we outline everything with one color of Sharpie Permanent Markers

optical illusion drawing for kids

Then we color with regular water-based markers. I limit their color choices to 6-8 different colors, having them try to not have two spaces next to each other be the same color. I let them only have the same color touch corner to corner. This spreads out their colors throughout the picture.

This project only takes 5 – 45 minute class periods and is also great to start and have them work on when they have a sub or free time.
easy art sub lesson

Here is the sign I put up when I display their beautiful Circle Optical Illusions.

elementary art drawing projects

easy elementary art sub lesson