Homemade Pumpkin Stamp

Homemade Pumpkin Stamp

When you are itching to make something and don’t have a stamp to do it with, make your own!

I made my own pumpkin stamp and 5 different projects in about a 1/2 hour. I was feeling crafty and in the mood for pumpkins, so I quickly made my own pumpkin stamp and got working.

To make the stamp, I drew on the back of self-sticking craft foam, cut out my pumpkin shape and stuck it onto a scrap piece of wood – so simple!

how to make your own pumpkin stamp

To use this stamp, when you don’t have a colored stamp pad, use water based markers.  I color on the foam, breathe a little on the stamp to remoisten the ink and stamp!

how to stamp without a stamp pad     how to stamp with markers

I had magnets on my mind, since making my Itsy Bitsy Spider Button Magnets, so I figured out a way to make simple magnets with the supplies I had on hand.

I colored three different ways on the stamp and stamped 3 pumpkins onto watercolor paper (or use cardstock).

I covered both sides with packaging tape to “laminate” them.

how to laminate small projects

I cut them out close to the pumpkin shape and stuck on self-adhesive magnets.

how to make your own magnets

Well, these magnets went so fast, that I wasn’t feeling fully crafted out!  So I made a two more projects – cards.

pumpkin card

diy pumpkin stamp

diy stamping

pumpkin kids crafts