Sailboat Collage for Kids

Sailboat Collage for Kids

My students love painting, so I try to incorporate as many painting projects as I can.

I recently worked on this wonderful Sailboat Collage with my 3rd graders, incorporating wet-on-wet painting, sponge painting and collage. A variety of techniques to keep them interested and involved. A great project that only takes 2 – 45 minute class periods.

We begin by learning what wet-on-wet painting means. Very simple – put wet paint on wet paper!

Each student brushes water on all of their 11”x11” watercolor paper (very important to use watercolor paper – regular paper will not stand up to all of the water).

Then we begin applying watercolor paint. I have the paint set up in trays so the only choices to use are yellow, red, blue and purple. This way, no one grabs too many colors and creates a muddy mess.

painting with crayola watercolor paint

We start with yellow and red for the sky, applying yellow first. I have them use yellow first, so they make sure they get enough, since yellow cannot cover red later. When we apply the paint we use a dabbing motion rather than a brushing motion, that way the paint mixes together itself as it pools.

We use yellow and red on the top half.

how to teach wet on wet watercolor techniques

On the bottom half we use blue and purple – either one first – doesn’t matter with these two colors.
how to teach painting techniques to kids

Be sure to dry these flat – not on a drying rack – or they will leak all over the place. Also make sure where you set them is clean, I’ve set them on spots where old dried glue was and then the papers stuck and started ripping!

There is just enough time left in the 1st – 45 minute class to paint the boats. We use sponge painters or small sponges and sponge paint brown paint onto the back of pre-drawn boat shapes.

sponge painting for kids

how to make sailboats for kids     how to sponge paint

Let the watercolor painting and the sponge painting dry and then the collaging can begin.

3rd grade painting projects

First we trace a cup onto yellow paper to make a circle for the sun – cut out and glue onto the red and yellow sky. I pre-cut the paper into 3” circles for this.
Next, cut out 3 boats – don’t glue on yet, save later for planning where they will be placed.

3rd grade art projects

I pre-cut 2” squares from fun paper and then the students cut in half on the diagonal – making two triangles for the sails. I always use Roylco Designer paper – such nice bright colors.

roylco paper

3rd grade art projects for kids

I have the students lay out all of their pieces of the boats and sails before gluing – otherwise you can end up running out of room for one.

collage projects for kids

Here is a picture of the sign I hang up with their sailboats – as you can see this idea for sailboats can be made any size.

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