Itsy Bitsy Spider Button Magnets

Itsy Bitsy Spider Button Magnets

I recently found out that October 21st is “Count Your Buttons Day”.  I’ve always loved buttons, don’t ever do much with them, but love collecting and keeping them.

button collecting

In celebration of “Count Your Buttons Day”, I developed this tutorial for making cute little spider magnets.  Perfect for your refrigerator and perfect craft for Halloween.  I figured it was about time I make something with all of these buttons!

Start with one button and 4 pieces of wire  – each about 3″ long.

crafts for count your buttons day

Start by bending each wire in half and putting two of them into the button.

diy halloween button spider craft     crafts with buttons

Then add the other two wires into the button in the holes – diagonally and flatten out all wires.

count your buttons day     easy diy halloween crafts

Take a pliers and bend the ends of the legs.  If you don’t have pliers you could wrap the wires around a pencil.

easy diy spider craft

I bend mine so that 4 on one side face towards the front and the other four face towards the front.

spider crafts for kids

When all of the legs are bent, add google eyes with glue dots.

spider crafts for kids

Add a magnet to the back with hot glue.

magnet crafts for kids

Display on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface.

handmade magnets for your refrigerator

Right away my daughters started playing on the refrigerator with these, they thought they were so cute.   This is a great craft for you to make for your refrigerator and a great craft for you to make with your older children.

how to make a spider craft