Jackson Pollock Inspired Straw Painting

Jackson Pollock Inspired Straw Painting

I recently posted about Jackson Pollock Marble Painting for 1st and 2nd graders, my 3rd and 4th graders couldn’t be left out, so I developed Jackson Pollock Inspired Straw Painting!

Last year, my oldest daughter created a straw painting or blow painting for the county fair and the year before that, as a family, the four of us created a very large straw painting for our family room wall.

My daughter’s – 11×14
painting crafts for kids

24×36 in our family room

family fun straw painting

I like to teach about a famous artist at the beginning of the year – correlating 1st – 4th grade projects all to that artist. This year I chose to do Jackson Pollock – but tone it down a little so as to be not too messy.

Jackson Pollock likes to stand above his huge canvases and drip him paint onto the canvas – as much as my students would love to do this – that really wouldn’t work in my small classroom and at the beginning of the year. Maybe at the end when I can see which group of kids can handle the freedom!

I decided on straw painting for the 3rd and 4th graders.

elementary art liquid watercolor     jackson pollock elementary art lesson

11×17 watercolor paper and liquid watercolor paint

straw painting for kids

I used large drinking straws for this project.  I do not recommend using the skinny ones from the school cafeteria that are for milk.  Skinny straws equals more pressure of air – kids will get more dizzy!

jackson pollock painting craft for kids

Using their straw – the child drips a pile of liquid watercolor paint onto the paper and then blows through the straw to move the paint around.  They experimented with mixing colors and making one color move into another color to make even more colors.

As a class, we took mandatory breathing breaks every five minutes – did not want anyone passing out!

We completed these lovely works of art, in one 45 minute class period!

using straws to paint

blow painting for kids

The children had a blast making these, they love it when I do something messy that their parents wouldn’t let them do at home!

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2nd grade elementary art project