Creepy Halloween Owl Decoration

Creepy Halloween Owl Decoration

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I only spent $5.00 +tax using Halloween items from Dollar Tree to make this Creepy Halloween Owl Decoration.

So cheap and I still have some of the items left to make more creepy Halloween decorations, what a deal!

Since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to make, I purchased items from Dollar Tree that sparked my interest.  I had an idea in my head, but I wasn’t sure if it would work, so I bought extra items.  Obviously I spent more than $5.00, but the finished Owl Decoration only cost $5.00 with leftover materials!

decorating for halloween with dollar tree items

I figured with all of these wonderful things, I would be able to come up with some original Halloween decoration.

I was right and I love the results, so much that I would love to make duplicates!

I ended up not using all of the items, but now I still have them to make more wonderful decorations.
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I started with my original idea I had in my head, not sure if it would work out, but it worked out better than I thought!  I started with the picture frame.  I thought I would end up having to paint a picture frame, but the frame I got from Dollar Tree ended up not needing any alterations, it fit my creepy theme just fine.

I took the backing out of the frame and lined it with a piece of dark scrapbook paper.  I then covered it with the light tan Creepy Cloth.  I used it because it reminded me of wrapping for a mummy.

leaf scrapbook paper       mummy wrapping

I hot glued it onto the back in a few spots just to hold it in place before putting it back in the frame.

how to use fabric in a frame     how to decorate for halloween

Next, the part I wasn’t sure about it working.  I love the Skeleton Hand I got from the Dollar Tree and really wanted to use it as a shelf, maybe for a candle or something.  Would hot gluing it to the cloth and paper on the frame really work?  Luckily, it did…so happy!

plastic skeleton hand

I wanted the hand to look like it was coming out of the frame, not just hot glued on, so I cut strips of the Creepy Cloth and wrapped them around the wrist, just like it was wrapping from a mummy.  I also wrapped some of the cloth around the fingers so it looked like a mummy coming unwrapped.

how to make skeleton halloween decoration     skeleton halloween decorations

Adding Dollar Tree Spider Webbing to any project will definitely help with the creepy factor!

using spider webbing to decorate for halloween

I added on a few of the spiders and put the creepy little black owl on the hand and hung up on my wall!  I love that the owl’s eyes light up!

halloween wall decor

Now, I just have to get more frames and Skeleton Hands, because look how awesome this project looks with the Skull and battery operated candle.  I have plenty of Creepy Cloth leftover to make more and tons of Spider Webbing.

The Skull’s eyes transition between colors, but the red is the creepiest!

halloween skull decorations

dollar tree battery operated candles

Make sure to visit for all of you Halloween Decorating.  I had great fun making this project and am inspired to make more and save tons of money!