Jackson Pollock Inspired Marble Painting

Jackson Pollock Inspired Marble Painting

I was trying out some marble painting again…this time for my 1st and 2nd graders.
Unable to find a good way to present them – I decided to turn them into paper weavings!

My daughter recently finished a marble painting for the county fair, subsequently receiving a 1st place ribbon for it, so I had marble painting on my brain at the start of the school year.

Her 1st place ribbon winning marble painting
how to marble paint

I like to teach about a famous artist at the beginning of the year – correlating 1st – 4th grade projects all to that artist.  This year I chose to do Jackson Pollock – but tone it down a little so as to be not too messy.

Jackson Pollock likes to stand above his huge canvases and drip him paint onto the canvas – as much as my students would love to do this – that really wouldn’t work in my small classroom and at the beginning of the year.  Maybe at the end when I can see which group of kids can handle the freedom!

I decided on marble painting for the 1st and 2nd graders.

elementary art marble painting     Jackson Pollock inspired marble painting

9″x12″ drawing paper and 4-5 different colors of tempera paint to choose from.

Homeschool art projects

how to make a marble painting

As beautiful as each of these marble paintings ends up being.  I could just mount each on a larger piece of paper and hang them all on the wall, but I wanted something different.  I usually teach paper weaving later in the school year, but I figure why not try it earlier and use this awesome paper the kids made.

I cut each of their two completed marble paintings into strips – didn’t measure as I cut but they range from 1″-2″ wide.  All of them are 12″ long

how to make your own paper weaving strips

We stored these in their folders, while they worked on cutting their paper to weave into.

We used 12″ x 18″ colored construction paper – fold in half – they mark at the top of the open end with a ruler a line that they are not allowed to cut past.  Then they cut up to the marked line making sure not to go past.  Cut strips that are about 1″ wide.

elementary art paper weaving     cutting paper for paper weaving

Open the paper back up and a simple over-under pattern is used to weave all of the marble painted strips into the big piece of construction paper.

how to weave with paper

I like to tape the back to make sure all of the strips don’t fall out.  Some kids don’t quite get the over-under pattern and this insures that their paper weaving will not fall apart.

paper weaving for kids     2nd grade paper weaving

2nd grade elementary art project

This whole project takes 3- 45 minute class periods.  Day one – marble painting, Day two – cutting large construction paper and starting to weave, Day three – finish weaving.

2nd grade elementary art project

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how to make marble painting

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