People Around the World Color Wheel

People Around the World Color Wheel

Whether you are a teacher, a homeschooler, or just want to supplement your child’s education, this color wheel is awesome and fun!

Or, maybe your child has been begging to use paint!

This is a new color wheel project that I developed that incorporates different painting activities to teach children an enjoyable and informational lesson.

I’ve found in the past that some color wheel lessons are boring for 4th graders, because they’ve done it before and it usually involves coloring with crayons or markers.  4th graders can only do so much of that…they are always ready for any project that involves paint!

I found these awesome people shaped sponges in my back storage room and thought…what can I do with these?  And a color wheel is usually a circle shape which reminded me of all the pictures of people around the world.  All holding hands as they surround a picture of the earth.  And I needed a new color wheel project for my 4th graders… so away I went!

4th grade elementry art color wheel lesson

I set up stations for this project, so there would be less supplies for all of us to clean up.  Station #1 was paper and pencil and each child wrote their name on six papers to “collect” their stamps on.

Station #2-#7 each had a tray with 2 people sponges, 2 brushes and a cup of paint.

I had the students brush their paint on the sponge, I felt if they dipped it in paint we would have a big gooshy mess.

elementary art color wheel people around the world

people around the world color wheel

We let these people dry and in the meantime we painted the world using watercolor paints.  I found a free template online and made copies on cardstock.

elementary art using sponges

After all was dry, we cut out each item and laid them out in the correct order onto a piece of 20″x20″ black tagboard.  Then glued them into place.

color wheel for elementary art

This took 3 – 30 min class periods to complete.  The kids had fun because during every session they either got to paint or glue.  Anything that has the potential to be messy is fun!