Mosaic Acorn Art

Mosaic Acorn Art

The time of year of falling acorns is approaching!

I love to do this project in the fall with my class of 2nd graders!

Acorns falling – a common sign that fall is approaching.  September is a great time to do this project in the classroom.  2nd graders love that we get paint out soon into the school year and love every moment of this project.

Don’t have a classroom full of kids?  This would be a great project for you to do with your little ones at home for homeschooling.  I even enjoy doing this project so any age level would love it too!

Start with a 12″ x 18″ piece of white paper – way more than you need, but it is more fun to paint a large piece of paper!  Also need tempera paint – red, orange, yellow and brown.  Two rollers and a milk caps or empty clear tape rolls.

kids mosaic art

Two of the colors are for rolling and one or two of them can be used for stamping circles.

In this one I rolled yellow vertically up and down the paper.  It is actually better if you don’t have the roller completely covered in paint – then you get a lot of variation of colors on your page.  I rolled this one without reloading my roller at all.

2nd grade mosaic art

Then I rolled orange on the paper horizontally across.

how to design your own painted paper

Finally I used red to stamp circles.  I used a empty clear tape roll on this one – the kids love it because it makes a double circle with one stamp.  You could also use brown here, as well, to make two colors of circles.

stamping painting for kids

Let dry and then you can start cutting into strips and squares for mosaic.  I have my students cut strips first and then cut squares that are about 1/2″.  Then using one dot of glue we adhere each one to my acorn template.  Make sure to overlap the black lines with your mosaic pieces.

Easy to make copies on copy machine for each student.  If you don’t have a classroom – find a template online and print out and use one time or draw your own acorn shape.

how to make an acorn template

If you are making your own acorn drawing – be sure to outline with sharpie – so you can see the black lines on the back of the paper.  When all done adhering mosaic papers and the project is dry – I have my students flip their paper over and cut on the black lines.

mosaic crafts for kids

After cutting out we glue onto black paper and then the students use more of their paper to make an outside border.

Here are a couple of signs I put up with their artwork.

2nd grade elementary art lesson     2nd grade elementary art projects

This project takes about 4 – 45 minute art classes.  Day one – paint paper.  Day 2-3 gluing pieces onto acorn.  Day 4 border.  But you usually have someone who works too fast and someone who works too slow!

how to make a mosaic for kids

Try this project in your classroom or at home and let me know how it goes. 

Need any tips for making it work in your classroom?  Leave me a comment.