Easy Pipe Cleaner Spider Rings – Halloween

Easy Pipe Cleaner Spider Rings – Halloween

Need a spooky addition to your child’s Halloween fun?

Need it to be real easy and quick?!?

I prefer all of my crafts to be fairly quick, that way my kids get fast results!  This project is so quick  – blink and it will be done.

These are the perfect craft for a Halloween party – be the best mom at school and volunteer in your child’s classroom to teach all the kids how to make these easy spider rings.

Start with 5 half pieces of black pipe cleaners. Creativity Street Chenille Stems/Pipe Cleaners 12 Inch x 6mm 100-Piece, Black  Put them around the finger you are making the ring for.

how to make a spider ring

Take two of the ends of pipe cleaner and begin wrapping them around all of the other ones.

easy halloween projects

Wrap that pipe cleaners all the way around until your ring is tight, but not so tight that you can’t get it off of your finger.

best halloween projects

Pull all the rest of the 8 ends down and give them a slight curl.

spider crafts for kids

Use glue dots to stick google eyes on and you are done!

easy halloween craft

Now be prepared for your kids to want to make a lot of these.  When I got out the pipe cleaners, my daughter each had to join in and make a bunch!

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4th of july kids crafts