Tree Booklet – Mini Book Binding

Tree Booklet – Mini Book Binding

Need an idea for a mini book?

Need an idea for Girl Scouts Cadette Book Artist Badge?

Recently my daughter and I created mini tree booklets for her Girl Scouts Cadette Book Artist Badge.  She needed to explore a book artist technique for the 3rd step of the badge.  I decided to teach her how to make a mini book – because everything is always better in mini!

For each book I cut 3 pieces of heavy watercolor paper 4″ x 10″.  We folded them in half together and punched two holes at the fold.  The yarn we used was about 48″ – 60″ long.  More or less doesn’t really matter.  I then taught my daughter how to do a square knot and we added beads.  If you don’t want to do a square knot, you could braid or just tie.

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For both of our books, I found free tree clip art on the internet and resized the images to fit our books  – we chose which tree we wanted and colored with colored pencils.

Each of us wrote in our books – my daughter choosing a title method and I wrote small poems in mine.

My Daughter’s Book

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My Book

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Don’t forget that creating alongside and with your children helps you to be a role model for them.  My daughters like to follow in my foot steps and really like to do creative things when I am participating with them.