Using Stencils to Create Your Own Bird Paintings

Using Stencils to Create Your Own Bird Paintings

My daughters are members of 4H and it is always a rush in the summer to get projects done and ready to enter in the fair!

We recently worked on some bird paintings to enter in the “Bird” entry section of the fair.  Sometimes it is hard to get my girls motivated to start projects, so I began setting this one up with an invitation to create.  I set up all the supplies – gave them the basic ideas of a bird theme and away they went!

invitation for children to create

Sometimes kids need a starting point, rather than just a blank canvas – so I showed them how I was going to divide mine into 4 sections and a put a bird in each section.  We used 8″ x 10″ canvas – so each section was approx. 4″ x 5″.

4 sectioned bird painting

So each of us divided our canvas into 4 sections and then we all worked separately on our own ideas.  I will give you an idea on how I went about doing mine and then if you work with your children they can make theirs similar or go ahead with their own ideas.

After dividing mine into sections – it was time to start painting.  I recently bought some cheap paint from the store for an art project for my daughter’s birthday party – so we were going to continue working with that paint.  Unfortunately – it needed two coats for every color.  Too bad one of my favorite craft stores no longer carries Delta Ceramcoat (Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint Set in 16 (2-Ounce) Assorted Colors, PROMOADA3), which is what I intended to buy for the party – the majority of their colors cover in one coat.

how to paint with acrylics

bird acrylic painting

Then comes the fun part – designing your painting using bird stencils.  There is no law that says you have to paint from your own drawings – go ahead grab a stencil and create – that is what they are made for!

easy way to paint branches

First I painted my branches – I wanted each of my boxes to contain a separate bird, while still being related to each other.  By having the branches flow from one box to the other will help create unity in the painting.

stencilling birds painting

I was amazed that I made this whole painting without using black – that is my usual “go to” color!  I chose a nice navy blue for my birds instead and I am really happy with the results.

There is a section in the county fair for me to enter an acrylic painting – not sure if it will be this one – or a I have a few others to choose from – who knows? – we will see!

Here is my youngest’s painting – she chose to block hers off in opposite colors and chose to unite the whole painting with a grey bird in each box.  If you notice – only two of the birds have feet.  I asked why and she said she wanted to have each side of the painting have two versions of the same bird  – one with feet and one without!

how to get your children to make paintings

My oldest decided to use only one bird right in the center and used a checkerboard effect to unite the whole painting together – very clever!

how to make a simple modern bird painting

Before I had time to finish getting this blog post ready…they each made one more painting – this time using watercolors.

My Youngest – 5″x 7″

how to make a watercolor bird painting

My Oldest 5″ x 7″

create a painting using stencils


using stencils to make a painting