How to Get Your Feet Flip Flop Worthy

How to Get Your Feet Flip Flop Worthy

Don’t have time/money for a pedicure?

Get your feet flip flop ready following my DIY treatment!

Flip Flops – the glue for any summer outfit – you’re not truly put together until you have on just the right color or just the cutest pair or maybe even the ones with the most bling!  Don’t you just hate it when your feet aren’t quite worthy for that perfect pair of flip flops?  With my diy instructions you will have the best smelling, best exfoliated and most moisturized feet – worthy of the cutest pair of flip flops!

how to make your own body foot scrub


I have three great recipes for you to make your own body/foot scrub.  Do you really want to use a foot scrub from the store when you can’t even pronounce the ingredients? I know I don’t and I never will again – it is way too easy to make my own scrubs using ingredients from my garden and in my pantry!

Brown Sugar Honey Scrub

Spearmint Rose Petal Scrub

Strawberry Lemonade Scrub

Try any of these scrubs – they all smell wonderful and all only take less than 5 minutes to make!

easy instructions on how to make your own sugar body scrub

Get a foot sized tub ready – I always put a towel under mine (so I don’t get the floor wet) and put it by the comfy couch – so I can sit, relax and read a magazine for this next step.

I want water that is hot enough so I boil a pan of water – put it in my foot tub and then add a little cool water until I get it to the temperature I want.  Add 1/4 cup of Epsom salt and stir to dissolve.

Put your feet in the tub – soak for 10 minutes to soften skin in preparation for exfoliation – and don’t forget to read your magazine (or have your phone or laptop handy and check out all of my other awesome posts!)

how to get your feet ready to wear flip flops sandals homemade body scrub

All of my scrubs are applied the same way…rub into your skin– rinse with warm water and towel dry.  That simple.

The sugar in each scrub works on the exfoliation and the coconut oil in each works for moisturizing.

foot scrub diy homemade instructions

Start a flip flop collection – a girl can never have too many flip flops – you need one to match every outfit – don’t you!

Make sure your flip flops have lots of bling – you want people to look at your feet – now that you went through all the work to pamper them and make them soft and smooth.

how to match nail polish to flip flops

Now that you have beautiful feet and beautiful flip flops – why not add some color to your toes!  Choose a color that matches your flip flops or one that contrasts – then your feet will really stand out!