10 Unique Fidget Spinners

10 Unique Fidget Spinners

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Do your kids love fidget spinners?

My youngest does and we were holding out on getting her one, we really didn’t feel that she needed to join this obsession. Then she got one!

We didn’t buy her one, but she got one as a promotional item from our electric company. Then my husband became hooked with her – both of them trying to master new tricks – such as, flipping in air and catching while still keeping it spinning. Oh my!

So fidget spinners are still popular and not really hard to find, but they all look the same. So I began searching to see if they really could be a cool and unique addition to our household.

I rounded up 10 fidget spinners that I found to be really unique, different and cool. These are sure to impress your son or daughter and make them the envy of all their classmates and friends! Now I just have to decide which one I want to buy!


Six Rainbow Dragon Balls

ATESSON Fidget Spinner

Tri-Spinner with LED light

Fidget Spinner Rudder Design

Black Star Fidget Spinner

Emoji Fidget Spinners

Greatlizard Music Spinner

Lahtak Brass Fidget Spinner

Suiez Fidget Spinner

Bowling Fidget Spinner

(the one I would buy for my husband!)

Fidget Spinners are a lot more interesting than I expected.  I’m glad I took the time to look them over and find ones that are more unique than the ones I’ve seen kids with.  We’ll have to see – maybe I will break down and buy a few!  Maybe even one for myself!