Paper Straw Jewelry – 4th of July

Paper Straw Jewelry – 4th of July

I’ve seen a lot of ideas about using paper straws – so I thought we would give it a try!

I got out all the supplies and invited my kids to come create with me.  I just gave the idea that we needed to make paper straw necklaces and away we went.  My kids love to create with a simple invitation, they like that they can make whatever they want with the supplies provided.

I found some beautiful 4th of July Patriotic Straws at a dollar store and started to cut.  Boy, was I surprised when I did this – they were so hard to cut with scissors.  I thought they would cut really easily, but I was wrong.  My hand was so sore when done!  So, if you have really little ones – make sure you cut up the straws ahead of time, so they are not sitting there waiting with nothing to do!  One of my daughters did help me cut them up, but she had a really hard time and I had to do most of the cutting.

how to make paper straw jewelry

When we were done cutting the straws into pieces that were about 3/4″ long, we were finally ready to begin.  I had some yarn out and we were ready to start stringing on the beads.  Another problem – the yarn kept unraveling on the ends and wouldn’t go all the way through the straw.  I was wishing at this moment that I had tipped yarn laces like I use in my elementary art classroom.  They are so wonderful, the day I found these my whole life changed! (well – not really but it was awesome).  Kids no longer had trouble stringing beads.

So, long story short tipped yarn laces are a must for this project!

If you don’t have tipped yarn laces – you can get away with using a big needle, but then you are limited to what beads you can put on.

My oldest and I each made a necklace.

fourth of july crafts for kids

Any my youngest made a bracelet.

4th of july necklace for kids bracelet

Besides adding beads to our project, we also used glue dots to stick on some fun 4th of July craft foam stars.

Hope this inspires you to craft with your kids – it is so much fun!