diy Firework Necklace-4th of July

diy Firework Necklace-4th of July

Need a craft for kids to do for this 4th of July?

This also can be made for anytime your kids want to be sparkly!


Another 4th of July is approaching and I just love these firework necklaces that I designed a few years ago for a kid’s art adventure show that I was doing.  Can you imagine a hundred little ones making these, as well as 4 other crafts!  It was a lot of work, but these necklaces were a big hit!

Simple supplies and a lot of fun!

Start with a metal washer(from the hardware store) and a piece of yarn or string. The washers I used are about 1 3/4″ in diameter with a large hole and the string is 30 inches long.

I doubled the string and put the loop through the washer and then put the ends of the strings through the loop to attach to washers.

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I then cut a lot of sparkly pipe cleaners into fourths. I used Chenille Kraft AC7116-01DI Sparkle Stems (Pack of 100)

Take each small pipe cleaner and put it through hole in washer and twist it together on the outside of the washer a few times so it stays in place.

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Keep adding more, until you have the whole washer filled up using whatever colors you want.

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Tie the ends of the string into an overhand knot and wear!

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