Easy Firework Rings-4th of July

Easy Firework Rings-4th of July

Need a quick craft for your little one’s to do for 4th of July?


These Firework Rings are so quick and easy to make – my daughter just made four all by herself in less than 4 minutes!  And they are so much fun if you use sparkly pipe cleaners.

These are perfect for a kid’s craft for a 4th of July party and well, any party!  Like Birthdays and New Year’s Eve or any ol’ time!

Start with 5 half pieces of pipe cleaner.  Any color assortment will work.  Put them around the finger that you are making the ring for. I used Chenille Kraft AC7116-01DI Sparkle Stems (Pack of 100)

pipe cleaner crafts for 4th of July

Take one of the ends of pipe cleaner and begin wrapping it around all of the other ones.

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Wrap that pipe cleaner all the way around until your ring is tight, but not so tight that you can’t get it off of your finger.

ways to use sparkly pipe cleaners

Pull all of the rest of the 9 ends down flat.

how to make a 4th of July firework ring

The ring can be left this way or you can curl all of the ends slightly.

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Now be prepared for your kids to want to make a lot of these.  When I got out the pipe cleaners, my daughter ended up making 7 or 8 of them!

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Happy Crafting!

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