4th of July Pinwheels

4th of July Pinwheels

These pinwheels will make delightful drink stirrers for your 4th of July Patriotic Party!
Or great table decorations!
how to make pinwheels

4th of July is approaching, and these pinwheels are perfect for drink stirrers or decorations for your party.  This project is so versatile you could adapt the colors for any party theme.  Get ready to make your own paper for these one of a kind pinwheels.

The method of making the paper is one that I have used many times for many projects, and I am loving how it made these pinwheels one of a kind and so unique.

how to make pinwheels

Begin with 3 rollers (Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Roller and Tray, 32240) and 3 colors of acrylic paint and a 12″ x 18″ thin drawing paper.  First I rolled the red paint onto the paper the short direction leaving space each time I rolled.  Also it is not necessary to have the paint cover the paper fully – leaving white is good.  Then I rolled the blue in the long direction and finally the white in diagonals.

This leaves you with a multi-textural paper – ready for lots of crafting.  You can use tempera paint if you would like to do this project with your kids, however, I chose to use acrylic because if I use them as drink stirrers and they get a little wet – the tempera paint would start to bleed off.

4th of july crafts  4th of July drink stirrers

Cut your paper into 3″ x 3″ squares.  Fold each into a triangle – open it up and fold it into a triangle the opposite way.  These gives you 2 diagonal creases in your paper.



4th of july patriotic craftsCut on each diagonal about 2/3 of the way down – fairly close to the center.  Bend every other corner down and adhere to the middle with glue dots.

Some I folded with the colored side out and some I folded with the white side out.

4th of july party directions

Use a glue dot to stick each to a dowel, bamboo stick, or wooden drink stirrer for decorations or drink stirrers – and you are done!

ideas for patriotic 4th of july party

You can also make functional pinwheels for your 4th of July party too!

Made the same way – except do not use glue dots! or your pinwheel will not spin.  Instead fold every other corner down and poke through the middle with a push pin – put a small bead on the pin between the paper and the wooden dowel – this should make them spin.  I didn’t make any that spin, but I did make bigger ones out of 6″ x 6″ paper for bigger decorations.

homemade 4th of july party decorations

I hope you have fun making these pinwheels by yourself or with your children!