Marble Painting – Not Just for Kids!

Marble Painting – Not Just for Kids!

Marble Painting is for Adults too!


Marble Painting – a fun craft for kids…but wait…”I want to do it too!”  You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the fun of marble painting and you can make it a more “sophisticated” project!  I made these 4th of July – Patriotic inspired cards using marble painting, stars and gems.

I made it more “sophisticated” by adding blocking with tape and using acrylic paint.  There are a lot of tutorials out there for marble painting for kids using tempera paint – but adults can do it to.

diy marble painting for kids and adults

Start off by cutting paper 4″ x 6″ – I used both watercolor paper and tagboard – definitely use the watercolor paper! I found out after making one that the tape sticks too well to the tagboard and tears the paper when you take it off.

Add tape in any design – straight, evenly spaced, unevenly spaced, diagonal.

Decide on your paint colors – I used acrylic paint because you can put it on thick and it will hold it’s shape and not crack off of the paper – leaving a rich thick layer of paint behind – if you could only feel all of the texture I created on each of the cards!

Get your first marble covered in paint – I didn’t have any regular glass marbles – but I did have some bigger wooden ones – they worked perfect!

how to make a marble painting

I taped my paper and left the tape hanging over the edges so I could use that tape to stick my paper in place in the bottom of a box.

Put your paint covered marble in the corner and – roll!  Keep rolling the marble around by moving the box until you have enough of your first color.

Repeat with your second color and then your third.  I painted mine with red first, blue second and then white.

Take it out of the box and gently take the tape off right away before it gets too stuck on – taking it off when the paint dries will take your paint off too!

how to paint with marbles

After your paint dries – fold up your paper into a card and decorate with stars and gems.  I used a stencil for my stars, but if you have a star punch – even better and lucky you – I want one!

how to make marble painting

I thought you could also use these as place cards for your 4th of July party table.  Just write names on big stars and set in place.

I found out that you can’t do marble painting without your kids wanting to do it too.  Here is one my daughter made – same steps only she used tempera paint instead.  Don’t let your child put too much tempera paint on the marble – tempera paint is not meant to be thick and can flake off when dried if too thick.

what kind of paint to use for marble painting

Be sure to remember that marble painting is not only for kids – enjoy yourself and make your own marble painted projects today!