10 Cute Summer Doodles

10 Cute Summer Doodles

Why is it important to doodle?

Why is it important to doodle?  There are many reasons, such as stress relief (described in my Valentine’s Doodle post) and as an outlet for everyday creativity.

When I am feeling the need to be creative and I don’t have a lot of time, I like to pull out a piece of paper or my sketchbook and do at least 10 small doodles using ultra fine point black and colored sharpies.  The doodles don’t have to be anything complex or even turn out good.  It is just a good way to rid my mind of the need to be creative.  Doodling is a very calming activity and I recommend that you try it at least once a month, if not every day.  If drawing is not your strongest talent or even your strongest interest, once a month is enough to release some of your creativity and on other days you can find things that also interest you.  So you can mix in doodling, for a little variety.

Remember that everyone can make doodles.  Even if you feel unartistic, doodling is a way to open your brain and free your creativity.

Why don’t you try a few summer doodles today, start with a simple ice cream cone or a sun and see where it leads you.  Think of things that you look forward to in the summer or things you enjoy seeing or doing in the summer.  Remember that nothing is off limits, as long as it relaxes you and calms you.  If you are feeling stressed, move on to a different doodle, something you can accomplish.  It is not about being the best at drawing, it is about freeing your creativity.