Leave No Trace Booklet

Leave No Trace Booklet

Do you have a child in a Boy or Girl Scout Troop?

Or do you want to teach your child about camping etiquette and safety?


Both of my daughters are in Girl Scouts and I am one of the leaders of their troop.  We went to an event where one earned her Junior Camper Badge and the other earned her Cadette Trailblazing Badge.  Unfortunately, there was a lot missed in this event and I felt I needed to supplement their badges for them to really get a feeling for what they were supposed to get out of it.  I developed this “Leave No Trace Booklet” to make learning camping etiquette and rules more fun!

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Adding stickers was the big selling point on this for my kids – if I hadn’t brought them out, I don’t think I could have kept them engaged long enough.  We also used punches and did a lot of our own drawing and writing.

Each booklet was made of 8 tags that are 2 1/2″ by 5 ” and a key ring.  Key rings make an easy way to bind a mini book.  Variations on this could use regular paper or cardstock cut to size and punch a hole or two with a paper punch – tie with yarn or ribbon.

I searched on the internet to see what “leave no trace” was all about.  I found many differences among all of the “leave no trace” steps and I combined all of the differences into 7 concise steps.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

how to teach camping rules to children

Stay on the Trail

trailblazing rules for kids

Dispose of Your Waste Properly

how to teach kids to clean up after themselves

Leave Nature as You Find It

how to teach kids to respect nature

Be Careful With Campfire

how to teach campfire safety

Respect Wildlife

how to teach kids to respect wildlife

Be Considerate of Other Visitors

how to teach kids to respect others

All 3 of us had a great time creating our “Leave No Trace” Booklets and you can see how each of us had a different idea and interpretation of each step.

Use this idea for your own “leave no trace” book or use the idea to make any other step by step book!